Christian Aid is running a campaign which gathers momentum in July. The thrust of the campaign is to lobby for a fairer international taxation system. At the moment many very large companies can legitimately dodge tax that would be due in some of the world’s poorest countries. This of course ultimately affects some of the poorest people on the planet.

Accountancy firms that specialise in helping multinationals achieve such advantage are really merely doing what they are paid to do, however the rules could be altered so that tax is fair. Christian Aid estimates that the world’s poorest communities lose more than $160bn a year because of tax dodging.

I am well aware that many of the world’s poorest countries have inept and often corrupt Governments. This is not about aid, but about making a fairer tax system, so that hopefully the poorest countries can gradually work themselves out of poverty. Have a look at the campaign details and why not send a supportive email to the big 4 Accountancy firms who have a significant influence over changing international tax law. It’s really easy and might bring about a sense of justice that most of recognise is woefully lacking.

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