1961: 20,000 Eyes – Jack Leewood
Today the Solomons IFA blog has reached 20,000 page views, which is very encouraging. The information within the blog is meant to be helpful and also to provide a voice and opinion about aspects of financial planning life. I’m delighted with the progress being made. Whilst 20,000 is very small beer for many mainstream websites, for a small boutique firm of financial planners it is a pretty big deal, particularly as the views have doubled from 10,000 since 21st September – a little under 5 months ago. The blog began rather half-heartedly in June 2009 and in the first year I only managed 48 posts.It wasn’t until August 2010 that I took up the challenge more seriously and now report that this is post 523. Thank you if you have been one of those that have checked out the blog. Let me know if there are topics you would like to be covered. I am always happy to put something on the blog that will hopefully be of benefit and interest to others. The more suggestions the better.
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