Life is brief

The purpose of this page is to do nothing more than remind us all how quickly time passes. I have taken snippets from different places in time. Sometimes reminding us of an event, birth or death. Some are well-known, some less so. Some are still alive, some are no longer with us. Death is a part of life, yet something that we rarely talk about, yet all know.

Often we tell ourselves that we will “get around to it” some day… sometimes this is successful, sometimes it isn’t. If I am to be any sort of decent financial planner, it is probably important that I remind you (and myself) that sometimes procrastination is not wise and that what we hope for and expect from life, can be curtailed. May I suggest that “life expectancy” be used not as a measure of how long, but how deep.

When we recall moments from the past, often they seem more recent than the calendar affirms. So this page is dedicated to “Tempus Fugit” – time flies and the twitter feed to the right picks up this hashtag #TempusFugit. Hence as I have used the Latin term, not all will be written in English.

Carpe Diem

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