2012: Talking Money March Edition
Our clients receive a hard copy of our regular magazine “Talking Money”. This time the focus returns to the end of the tax year and making sure that you have made full use of sensible allowances. A digital version of the publication is available via our website, which you can either download simply as a pdf or into i-books or a similar application. You can access the magazine here and we have also added a couple of brief updated guides about Pension Consolidation, Estate Planning and Wealth Management. These can be found within the resources section of our website. Please remember that these are generic and do not contain specific advice, if you are a client please seek our advice before acting on documents like these. If you are not yet a client, please exercise great caution as good financial planning requires a context, which should always be yours, not that of the latest rules and regulations.
The hard copy of Talking Money was sent to clients yesterday, please be aware that time is rapidly running out for the tax year, which for most people means consideration of available pension contributions, ISAs and capital gains allowance that could be used. Feel free to pass on the hard copy to friends or the digital version.

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