UK Residency Tax Test

UK residency for tax purposes?

I went along to the London Boat Show at the weekend. Some amazing boats – many the size of a house. For those looking for a floating home you will need to take care about where you are deemed resident for tax payments. You are deemed a resident of the UK if you spend 183 days in the UK during a tax year. One of the automatic residency tests is if you have a home in the UK for more than 90 days, you are present in the UK on at least 30 separate days. If you have more than one home in the UK, you should consider each of those homes separately to see if you meet the test. You only need meet the test in relation to one of your homes.

The London Boat Show is on for the rest of the week. There are some amazing boats on display including the Pearl 75 which has a hefty £3m price tag. Here is a short video of this high end boat that first appeared at the Southampton Boat Show in 2012.