A Great Long Term Commitment To Clients

A great long-term commitment

I’m in the process of trying to design a new brochure for potential new clients. We shall also be upgrading the website and blog. Most clients will appreciate that we have improved our look, feel and functionality considerably over the years and hopefully the effort we put into our material is understood.

Anyway, I’m doing lots of thinking about how we explain why we are different and why we have clients at the centre of what we do (and not simply pay lip service to the idea). However, my experience is that great financial planning has to be experienced rather than discussed or watched. There is always a question of whether or not “marketing” works for small firms. In reality most of our new clients come from existing clients who act as great advocates for us.

Of course our service isn’t right for everyone and I can only work with certain people with specific needs. As our service is deliberately exclusive, it is important that we attract people who want to know the truth about proper lifestyle financial planning and not simply want a financial product to be sorted out. We are seeking to build long-term relationships with our clients on a win-win basis. As you probably know, we work with entrepreneurs, business owners, professional partners, people in the media and performing arts and medical Consultants.

As I went searching for ideas, I came across an amusing little advert by Allan Gray, a South African investment company. They have several adverts which I think convey a sense of what I am trying to communicate. I would welcome your thoughts and input into my deliberations. The advert below was made in 2007.

Dominic Thomas
Solomons IFA

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