Skandia is the leading platform provider and many of our clients use their platform. This is a good little video that explains what platforms do. The information pretty much applies to all platforms and do not take it as advice that theirs is the best  (there is no such thing as “best”, just most worthwhile “fit”). Anyway, it explains the benefits of platforms clearly in just a couple of minutes. 
Clients with holdings on the Skandia platform will shortly receive a mailing from them advising that the annual investor charge has risen to £68.50 per person. This will be payable in two parts the first on 14 June 2011. Skandia have agreed to hold this charge at this level until at least June 2013. Whilst the increase is significant (in terms of the % increase) it is a very small charge for the options and flexibility provided and is a very tiny proportion of the value of most portfolios. Skandia are preparing for the new FSA driven legislation the “Retail Distibution Review” or RDR. I am also expecting Skandia to shortly announce a significant enhancement to the already long list of 1000+ funds available in the very near future. For most people this is a world class investment option at a very keen price.

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