2010: Insane – Jacobsson
I doubt that I am the only one that wonders why politicians think that each failed bailout for a failing Euro zone member must be met with yet another pile of money. If the problems are bad now, then surely simply throwing more long-term debt for future generations to struggle with is folly. In fact, I read somewhere that the definition of insanity is continuing to repeat the same mistakes expecting different results. It seems to me as though this is the perfect description of those that are more bothered about their next election than about the legacy that they leave us all.
I am deeply concerned for the younger generation who will be working longer, earning less, buying a home later, having to look after elderly parents that have run out of money and have tax rates that make ours look playful. It is beyond the point of a discussion over a glass of Pimms, but a deeply distressing situation that needs resolving. Here and in Europe, we need to stop funding the ridiculous and start funding enterprise that employs people from within their own borders. We need to rediscover self sustainability and work collaboratively with our neighbours to ensure mutual prosperity.
Importantly, I also believe that we need to abolish financial instruments that enable some to bet against a nation and effectively magnify a crisis. This facility may be part of the “investment piece” but it is deeply flawed in its connection with people. Economics should serve society, not the other way around. Markets are meant to be a place to swap things at a negotiated fair price, not murder the seller.
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