There’s something about a story on the BBC that makes me believe that some people could be using their time more productively. Ford have got themselves in a sweat because Ferrari decided to call their latest F1 model F150 – the same name as Ford’s F150 truck.
Now call me a fool, but I would have thought that most car maufacturers would probably benefit from being associated with Ferrari, but do Ford really believe that their customers are so simple as to confuse the two? I know this is really all about branding rights, but its more of the nonsense that US lawyers seem to spend their time dreaming up. According to the BBC, Ferrari decided to rename their car “Ferrari F150th Italia” which is fairly gracious of them. Just typing in F150 into google…goodness knows what they would make a fuss about next.  For anyone that may be confused, the Ferrari Formula One car is the image below the Ford truck. Both are red, have 4 wheels and fall into the category of “automobile”.
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