Short-listed as “Firm of the Year” for London

I have to admit to being somewhat chuffed and a bit taken aback. I learned this morning that the firm made it to the last 8 short-list for the Professional Adviser awards 2014 for “Firm of the Year” for London. These were actually announced yesterday. I doubt I will make it to top of the list – the competition is rather good, with firms that are frequent award winners and quite a lot bigger. I do not even know how many firms entered –but as they say, “you’ve got to be in it to win it”.  I had to submit a case study and then information about the firm and how we do what we do. It really is a long-shot and minnow versus the rest. Whatever the outcome, I’m really chuffed for me and the team here. We don’t find out who wins until a glitzy event in February.  Whatever the result, it’s nice recognition… as a first-time entrant, perhaps I should enter a few more.

Building Reputation PA Awards 2014

Anyway, I hope that for our clients it’s a bit of good news (that they are being served by a decent firm). Of course you can also add your own testimonials to a system firms cannot control (Vouched For). This is a completely impartial way for clients to put a few comments down about us. The blue icon is in a couple of places on this page if you wish to do so. Obviously if you aren’t a client… well do these things make any difference to you when considering who to meet? As a small business clearly I want to attract the right clients, most are recommended by existing clients, but some manage to find us on the web, so if you have any bright ideas of how we can make our difference clearer and why our clients give us good feedback, do let me know.

Dominic Thomas: Solomons IFA