Planning beneath the surface

I am delighted that the blog has now reached over 30,000 hits this week. In a world where social media is a full-time job, it is satisfying that even a small company can achieve some fairly large results. Thank you for making the time to have a look at my blog. As you will have gathered I use is as a way of keeping clients up to date with things that I think are of relevance, as well as using it as a reminder, prompt or source to those that are not yet clients, but recognise that financial planning has got to have rather more to it than simply picking funds and products.

As readers and clients will appreciate, financial planning is all about identifying the lifestyle that you really want and then putting into action a series of steps to ensure that you get there. For some these steps and actions are easier than they are for others. In particular, for those that are able to control their income either be being a business owner, entrepreneur, artist or freelancer, it is considerably easier than for those living as employees, who are on set salaries. By way of a reminder, to my mind, there are only really three possible types of client, those that don’t have enough, those that do and those that do but don’t know.

The main purpose of financial planning is to reveal what is required and then determine what, if any actions need to be taken. I hope that this blog is a pointer to some of the processes that we take our clients though and also a reminder that it isn’t always about big numbers, sometimes the numbers can be surprisingly small and very achievable.

If you have any suggestions about how to improve the content, or indeed topics that you would value being covered, please send me an email with your request. The way this works best is with your interaction, which means, retweeting, “liking” and adding comments.

Dominic Thomas
Solomons IFA

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