The One Hundred Club

We can offer a low-cost service to those with portfolios under £100,000.  This is not a full financial planning service, but is an inexpensive way to build up your investments and have them well managed. We have independently researched the market for a reliable, technically advanced service from the UK market of investment managers and have selected Parmenion Investment Managers to provide this aspect of our service.

What it is –

  • Your investments will be managed in line with your ability to cope with investment risk
  • Your portfolio will be monitored and managed to ensure that it doesn’t drift away from your appetite for risk
  • You can view and interact with everything online; the costs, the performance, the funds
  • You have the option of a low-cost approach or an ethically-screened approach (more expensive)
  • You arrange your ISA or General Investment Account online yourself
  • We charge 0.5% for providing this functionality, with no upfront charge from us
  • We will not provide a financial planning service
  • You can consolidate your existing ISAs over if you wish to do so
  • Low minimums of £100 per month or £1,000 lump sum

All you need from start to finish is three things:

  1. Ten Minutes (the time it should take)
  2. Your valid DVLA driving licence (as proof of your UK residence) or valid Passport
  3. Your National Insurance number

Then you are “good to go” (if you wish to proceed). You can save your work, return to it or pull out (up to the point of sending the money). We’ve designed this to be easy and quick; yet robust.

Why are we making this available?

We want to help more people to provide for their future.  The more people that become financially independent, the less the State has to do, reducing its heavy burden – which helps us all. Everyone has to start somewhere, but the starting is important.  Our low-cost solution enables you to have some protection (having us as an adviser behind the scenes), rather than simply doing-it-yourself (which means you take all the risk). Hopefully our tips and advice will enable you to build a better future for yourself, your friends and family. Together we can make things better.

Not getting much of a service or return?

We believe that there are many investors with holdings in a variety of ISAs, old PEPs and single funds, who have no or little service from the adviser that orginally set them up, or if you arranged them yourself online. This is a great way to reduce investment costs and ensure that your portfolio is properly looked after. You might find some of the items in the resources section of our site (including some suggested books) very helpful too.

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You aren’t committed until the very end – and only if you want to proceed.