Out with the old, in with the… Old?

Well, the day has finally come. Skandia is being consigned to ancient history. Not precisely true, the parent company Old Mutual are rebranding Skandia from the end of this month as Old Mutual Wealth. As of 22nd September all references to Skandia will cease. So as with the multitude of “rebranding” of insurance companies in the past, will this one be any different? (other than a very good day for the printer). Skandia, er.. sorry Old Mutual are adamant that this is much more than a new coat of paint and a rebrand. They believe that this marks a new start and more innovation and giving customers what they want. Old-Mutual-wealth-BANNER

Skandia have certainly been a highly innovative company. Market leaders in the world of multifund offerings, enabling IFAs to offer a broad range of funds and the ability to construct some really good portfolios for clients. In fact few could really touch them, Fund Managers beat a path to their door simply to get onto the list as the first and largest fund supermarket in the UK. Times have changed and from an outside observers perspective the key changes seem to be – technology, regulation, competition and a change of parent. It remains to be seen precisely how Old Mutual Wealth will fare, but certainly the future will be far more competitive and require considerable foresight and innovation to keep pace, let alone lead the platform market, which is now rapidly becoming a crowded place.

If you have any Skandia arrangements, you will be getting a letter from them explaining the changes and the new branding very shortly.

Dominic Thomas: Solomons IFA