2009: Which Way Home – Cammisa
Which? Money has launched an interactive mortgage tool. They claim that this covers the whole of the market, which by my definition means every possible mortgage available. I’m not entirely convinced, but it is certainly a good place to start your research once you have spoken to your existing lender.
Frankly my advice is to speak to a mortgage broker and I do know a good one that I can refer you to (we don’t arrange mortgages). You can spend hours doing your own research only to find that the lender doesn’t really deal with people like you because of something about your income, credit history or the property. If you are happy spending your time doing this sort of thing, then fine, but for those that want to spend their time enjoying life or otherwise working on your life, then a mortgage broker can be a very worthwhile investment. Which? freely admit in their FAQs that their results may differ from those of a mortgage broker as “they will reflect things like availability and affordability in their advice”- which is surely the point of a mortgage search to my mind. However, this is a helpful tool.

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