The monthly market report is now available. This shows what happened in September and looks back over the years as though investing in the same month. What will be of no surprise is that September 2011 was a pretty dreadful month for investors with pretty much every market index and asset class falling in value. The biggest fall in value was in Russia seeing a reduction in value of 21.9%. All of Latin America saw falls in the teens. The FTSE100 dropped 4.7%, with smaller/mid-cap companies (FTSE250) reducing 6.4% in value. Most markets and asset classes are negative in the year to date and it will take quite a year end surge to turn the year into a positive one.
Against this backdrop it will be of little comfort that the 2012/13 ISA allowance has been increased from £10,680 to £11,280 following publication of the inflation rates, which are now being used to determine many of our (UK) allowances. An increase of £600 or 5.6%
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