You can find the market data for the year up to the end of February 2011 in our monthly market report. This reveals that so far in 2011 the biggest increase has been in Oil. This will come as little surprise to anyone that has understood that the middle east is having something of a power stuggle. Oil has risen 18.7% in the year to date. Few of us will be quite so pleased when we fill up our cars in the forecourts. There has been a direct knock-on effect with the Baltic Dry Index (an index made up shipping prices for “dry” cargo worldwide). This index has fallen nearly 30% in the first two months of this year. Not to worry though, our clients do not have money in this index. FTSE100 up 1.6% for the year to date, most western markets are performing better to date than the UK, with the Asia Pacific region being the notable exception.
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