If you run your own business or work for one, this is a timely reminder that the world is changing. I have been working hard at improving our social media position and our client service. Increasingly we are moving towards full online client servicing. We have also paid significant attention to improving our own service to clients.

That said, there is always benefit in one to one / face to face within my type of work. I prefer an in-person meeting but have been impressed by the advantages of Skype meetings with clients. Ok these aren’t as good and I still don’t know the correct social greeting in such a scenario (other than verbal) does one wave? Anyhow, this is an 8 minute video from Gary Vaynerchuk provided by Success Magazine (something I subscribe to). I know it seems very un-British to do so, but its a great magazine for those running a business.

Love it or hate it, social media’s here to stay

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