Over the weekend I was reminded to look ahead, not to focus on the very short term, the things that can distract, detract and grab our attention, but to focus on the bigger picture.

I was given one of those driving experiences as a gift from my daughters a while back and on Sunday afternoon I finally got to drive an Aston Martin DB9 around a racetrack. The instructor in the passenger seat was advising me to look beyond the next car (I was held up by some plodders) to the furthest point on the track, to see through what is immediatley ahead. I’m not sure if this is what Lewis Hamilton or Jenson Button do, but I took his advice.

The metaphor might also be applied with the coming announcements over the next few days about the Government’s spending review. The media will undoubtedly focus on the immediate, short-term – yet in practice the best laid plans are those that do indeed look ahead with a clear vision.

We all know that we have to tighten the belt of UK plc and of course how this is done is a political decision, let us hope that those in charge have a clear vision for the future of Britain beyond repayment of debt. I hope that we won’t be needing the assistance of 007 to get us out of the jam!

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