2012: Kony
Financial Planning works when the world that we live in also works. Teenagers and “youth” often get very bad press – yet they are our future. I was sent a link by my teenage daughter to have a look at. This is a powerful video designed to change the dreadful things that are happening at the hand of Joseph Kony a rebel soldier leader in Uganda. This is well worth the 30 minute investment of your time. Have a look, make a difference. The campaign to make Joseph Kony famous is now gathering momentum. He is responsible for the abduction, rape, brutalisation, maiming and murder of over 30,000 children in Uganda, forcing children to become soldiers in his make-shift “army”.
Most of us tend to feel powerless about the state of the world as we read about what is going on, (well I do) whether it is Syria or anywhere else. Here is a compelling short film that will hopefully make you more aware of what’s going on, renew your optimism in a younger generation and American foreign policy. What have we got to lose by getting involved? Perhaps this is too political for a financial planner – but frankly I’m not too bothered. I really only want to work with people that I like and my clients are all people that I believe care about the state of the world. So if I upset anyone for suggesting involvement, that’s a shame, but I’d rather be part of changing the world for the better, however naive that might be, than watch others deliberately ruin life for others. I can live with the consequences.


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