I saw “The Joneses” over the weekend. Its a film that attempts to explore the notion of … you guessed it keeping up witht the Joneses. It has some amusing observations and centres upon a fake family (of salespeople) moving to an area near you to influence the way you buy. My own view is that the idea is not developped thoroughly and scarcely embarks upon why we fall for the enticements of the “good life” and very little is done to unpack exactly what the “good life” is. The main message seems to be – don’t spend money you don’t have, but ideas about what delivers lasting happiness are largely ignored. It is possible to be incredibly wealthy and be very happy – its also possible to be poor and happy. The question about why we often forget this is largely consigned to the irrelevant and replaced with our new HD (hardly different?) TV.

Its an amusing film, but offers little bite.

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