Reviewed your old PEPs and ISAs lately?

You may be surprised to learn that very few of the best performing funds 5 years ago are still amongst the best performers. This might be for a variety of reasons – poor judgment, regional markets or simply the fund manager has moved on.

When investing, you need to have a suitable investment strategy that reflects your attitude to investment risk, and when you require the funds returned to you. Of course you may simply need a regular income from a portfolio.

There are thousands of funds, with new ones launched each month, and of course marketing departments will tend to use statistics to show a fund in its best possible light.

You probably get fed up with the amount of paper that you get sent each year from various companies, much of which is difficult to understand if you don’t know what you are looking for. We can cut through the jargon and make your portfolio something that works for you. We can consolidate your investments so that they are easy to understand and view in a single document. We’ll also review how your portfolio progresses and send you an email every quarter to outline changes that ought to be made.

It goes without saying that we will attempt to use your tax-free allowances where possible, but tax-free stagnation, or worse still loss, are not exactly what you had in mind when you originally implemented your investment. We can help refocus your goals and add a little va-va-voom!

Your investment portfolio is designed around your ability to cope with investment risk, or perhaps more accurately – your ability to cope with loss. Apart from investment loss causing significant “pain” it is important to understand that the investment performance or your portfolio directly affects the size of your funds and resulting income. As a result getting the wrong portfolio – with risk set too high or too low will cause a problem. I call this the Goldilocks principle – we want your portfolio to be “just right”. In practice your attitude towards risk will alter over time – it certainly ought to as you approach the point that you need to draw funds.  We use psychometric risk profiling tools, to help achieve this. FinaMetrica are the world leaders in this resource which we use with our clients.

Whilst no system is foolproof, we believe that this is currently the most comprehensive approach available. You will need to answer 25 very clear, simple questions. At the end of the online questionnaire you will be automatically provided with a report (we will also have a copy). In order to use the system we need to set up a username and password for you. You can then login here to complete the questionnaire. It should take no more than 20 minutes – most people complete it in 10 minutes.