1999: The Insider – Mann
As with many things in life, sometimes you simply don’t know who or what to believe. It seems that the IMF are under the spotlight for some criticism (normally they dish it out). Peter Doyle who left the IMF sent them a fairly scathing letter about their leadership and oversight, suggesting that he was even ashamed to have worked for the organisation. It is not unusual for an economist to disagree or frankly be wrong far more often than they are right, but his criticism of the IMF is something of a revelation about the organisation. It was CNN that “broke” the story which the BBC picked up. Mr Doyle, is fairly forthright in his opinion about the lack of direction and implies a significant degree of blame at the door of the IMF for the deepening crisis in Europe. If this were not so deeply concerning and real, it would make a thrilling plot line for a film.
Whilst these are very unusual times, we still believe that diversified portfolios with a long-term outlook remain the best proven strategy for successful long-term investing.
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