The Green Investment Bank got a lift this week with further coverage of environmental issues. On Wednesday night I was at a meeting (The Big Climate Connection) with Zac Goldsmith and Vince Cable who both spoke very clearly (and impressively) about the problems, challenges and contradictions that face us as we embark nationally and internationally to reduce negaitive impact on the envronment. You can find out more about the Stop Cimate Chaos Campaign, which is an impressive coalition of lots (and I mean lots) of charities and social action organisations.

Prior to the meeting on Monday Nick Clegg had announced plans about the Green Investment Bank – which is essentially a fund of money to assist the UK in adapting to and adopting cleaner energy and modifying our homes which account for around 26% of all energy useage. The Bank will be started in April 2012 (the year for everything it seems) with a £3bn capital fund. This will rise to an estimated £15bn. It is the first of its kind in the world. In time, it will be permitted to also borrow funds. The full speech can be viewed here.
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