Perhaps I am a bit odd (prepared to admit that I am), but when I visit places I tend to keep an eye out for businesses that look as though they know what they are doing. At the weekend I was in the west country, visiting several friends – one had recently moved there.

Walking around the town I came across an excellent Estate Agency business (how many times can you say that… perhaps as many as excellent IFA..) anyway, my friend needed some advice regarding the new home that she had bought – no problem.

The agent (Jeremy Jenkins) has been very accomodating and has an easy-to-use and well designed website. He is very clear about what he does – sells houses for people that want to sell their house. No it isn’t rocket science, but it certainly is a good business. If only the main Banks and multinationals took some lessons from the small business operator perhaps we would have considerably less fog and better results.

Consider the next time you see an advert for a major high street Bank, perhaps one that you and I own.. what is it that they do? of course.. pet insurance! eh?

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