2007: Code Name: The Cleaner – Mayfield
As an IFA or Financial Planner, one of my tasks is to assess funds and select them. Clients will appreciate that I have particular views on this subject. These can be found within the resources section of the main Solomon’s IFA website in a document called “Our Approach to Investing“. Anyway, today Henderson have informed advisers that following their takeover of Gartmore and New Star, they plan to merge a considerable number of their funds. Anyone with holdings will be written to in the not too distant future, starting at the end of this month. The funds under the spotlight of consideration are as follows. All funds would begin with the Henderson brand name, so please take that as a given.
Diversified Absolute Return Fund
Higher Income Fund
European Value Fund
US Opportunities Fund
UK Strategic Capital Unit Trust
Extra Monthly Income Bond Fund
High Yield Monthly Income Fund
Managed Distribution Fund
International Fund
Industries of the Future Fund
Global Care UK Income Fund
UK Strategic Income Unit Trust
European Smaller Companies Fund
Global Dividend Income Fund
The plan, assuming approved by investors and the regulator will be executed between May and the end of July this year. Like many Fund Management Groups, there has been a serious danger of having too many funds to look after well and investment, we all know that focus is everything. This, whilst probably not great news for some of the Henderson staff, is probably the right thing for investors and Henderson. Obviously for any client with holdings in any these funds, I will keep you posted.
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