Gartmore were taken over by Henderson earlier this year and trading will be suspended on 8th July as the “nearly final chapter” of the renaming of funds is implemented. This is normally a lengthy process and one that probably only printers welcome. There are a number of funds concerned, all currently start with the Gartmore name and this will be replaced with Henderson (not exactly rocket science is it!).  So from 11th July 2011 the UK OEIC funds concerned will be:
Cautious Managed managed by Chris Burvill
China Opportunities managed by Charlie Awdry
Emerging Markets Opportunities managed by Chris Palmer
European Absolute Return managed by John Bennett, Leopold Arminjon and Tomas Pinto
European Focus managed by John Bennett
European Selected Opportunities managed by John Bennett
Global Focus managed by Neil Rogan
Japan Absolute Return managed by John Stewart and Robert Tull
Multi-Manager Absolute Return managed by Tony Lanning and Paul Craig
UK & Irish Smaller Companies managed by Rob Giles and Adam McConkey
UK Absolute Return managed by Ben Wallace and Luke Newman
UK Index managed by Mark Underhill
UK Tracker managed by Mark Underhill
US Growth managed by Tom Marisco, Doug Rao and Coralie Witter
US Opportunities managed by Cory Gilchrist
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