Alternative Financial Planning

Why do people call us alternative? It is because we don’t duck the big question – will my money run out before me?

It is because we believe that you should set the agenda – it is your life! So you determine the overall goal (which won’t really alter if it is grounded in your values).

We will tell if you have enough or even more than enough, rather than assuming your goal is always moving and always growing, which means that you have freedom to minimize risk and do other things.

We reveal what risks you are really running and how to minimise them. We will also talk plainly about the key criteria for a successful investing experience. Having the right information can be the difference between doing what you want, and doing what you think you need to do.

Dynamic thinking

We encourage open dynamic thinking and offer a lifelong perspective so that when you look back on your life, you will have a tremendous sense of peace of mind, with you placed at the centre of what we do, secure in the knowledge that you lived by your values and accomplished what was important.

We promise to keep the complex simple and to keep our promises.

Dominic Thomas has been advising us on all aspects of our financial affairs for over fifteen years. As we’ve faced life-changing events such as buying a house, starting a family or changing careers it has been reassuring to have access to Dominic’s informed and personable counsel and clarity of vision. Over the years his advice and that of his knowledgeable team has helped us to feel confident that we are doing what we can to secure our future financial wellbeing whilst managing effectively the claims on our finances today.
David & Pippa Cox


The more we understand about what motivates you and your value system, the better our advice. As with any healthy relationship, in time more and more of the inner person is revealed – much like the nature of a fine wine. There is no fast-track to this degree of understanding, it only comes from the most valuable commodity of all – time.


We help clients achieve deeply held goals, not merely time-barred objectives; achieving peace of mind, a generous spirit and recognition that security is not based upon wealth. A sense of emotional well-being can be enhanced with financial planning that is rooted in understanding your values and life principles. So we start with the end in mind.


Money is a highly emotive topic. We all live within the influences of our culture and upbringing. We will always try to be understanding of what money represents to you. Your attitude to risk is something that cannot be covered quickly; it is often born out of experience. If you wish us to do so, we can help you to challenge your own views about risk and perhaps reveal alternative approaches for you to consider.


Many aspects of financial planning require a degree of discipline – be it investing, setting budgets or commitments to reviewing progress. We will meet with you twice a year (or more frequently if required) to ensure that your financial plan is implemented properly and reviewed to ensure that you are on course to achieve your goals.


There is no magic in financial planning. Our advice will provide you with the best chance of accomplishing your goals, as with all true success this is achieved little by little over the long term, with the application of sound principles each day. A vital discipline is holding true to your longer term aims and not being swayed by the temptation to take short cuts.  We will not compromise your goals or wealth by chasing market beating returns.