Christian Aid report that poor nations are missing out on an estimated $160bn in tax revenue because unscrupulous corporations can hide their financial transactions. They argue that this money could be spent on essential services like health and education.

At the start of the summer Christian Aid lobbied members of the FTSE 100 to respond to a survey which helped them gauge opinion on tackling tax dodging. The campaign has been pretty succesful with 63 FTSE 100 companies providing a response. The campaign moves on to a new stage, the Trace the Tax campaign focusses on four FTSE listed companies: Vodafone, Unilever, TUI Travel and Intercontinental Hotel Group. Christian Aid want them to support their call for greater financial transparency because they believe that this will help end tax dodging.

In an age where tax dodging is certainly unhelpful to the wider economy and our public services, perhaps you would like to get involved. Have a look at their site if it is of interest.

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