Learning the numbers – education the less expensive way

If you have children you will know that they can be fairly expensive. You may choose to pay for private education, which varies in cost considerably each term. If your children go to University, then there are further fees to pay. It is an expensive learning process.

Depending where you are in your family cycle will depend on what we can do for you. If you don’t have children and plan to have some then you are ideally placed to understand the financial consequences and we can show you a way to reduce the costs of educating your family. If you already have a family we can still help, but the magnitude of our effectiveness will be reduced.

You may have read about school fees planning – actually this is really just marketing hype. There is no such thing; it’s merely a label and target for investments combined with protection policies to ensure that the plan happens even if you are unwell. Clever planning will save you money – which is really what is involved.