1939: The Return of Doctor X

There is more woe for doctors that are members of the BMA. The union organisation had a huge amount of support from its membership who voted overwhelmingly in favour of industrial action due to reforms of the NHS pension scheme. However, the BMA seem to have backed down and decided not to take any action. There are a considerable number of doctors who are now fairly fed up that not only did the BMA get a decisive “yes” in their online vote, but this was also approved at its Annual Representative Meeting. So many doctors are feeling as though they are not being listened to by either the BMA or the Government.

The NHS Pension Scheme is a really good final salary scheme, but it has undergone some serious changes, which mainly result in  increased costs for its members, particularly Consultants. There are many of us that are envious of having a scheme like the NHS, but changes to employment terms and conditions is no small matter and many Consultants are paying well over 10% of their income towards the NHS Pension scheme and many are paying 50% tax and some will even get additional tax charges for remaining in the pension, despite this being in their interests to do so. Advice to leave the NHS Pension scheme should be considered very carefully indeed.

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