1953: Latin Lovers – LeRoy
I have to admit that I often feel “plebeian” in my dealings with my Bank. Whilst I know that Banks are massive impersonal organisations, the promise (and payment) for a personal service differs considerably in understanding between my Bank and I. I tend to expect personal to mean, handled by a person – with whom there is a relationship that is based upon understanding beyond box ticking, to my Bank it seems that whilst this is their claim, every phone number provided is an automated call centre with a rabbit warren of PIN, alphanumeric options and “let me put you through to a different department” responses. Despite the heavy rain and falling temperature, my office reached boiling point yet again following another lengthy blow by blow regurgitation of my problem and attempt to find solutions. It is with a degree of sadness that I find much fault in my Bank. As with many Banks they seem to display an attitude where customers serve them not the other way around.
It is amusing to note the folly of the Conservative Chief Whip over the weekend. The truth is plain for those that wish to see it, as sad as it is. The depressing state of  those “in power” are giving “leadership” a very bad name and displaying none (or very few) of the necessary qualities, choosing instead to apologise for things they did not do and ignore the things they did. Many of our leaders should win gold medals for their gymnastic agility with meaning-less words. I was at Public School too, Prep School in particular was a place where the term “pleb” was used in a derogatory fashion (by certain staff and pupils) perhaps fed by a schoolboy’s poor grasp of very limited Latin, which otherwise was a struggle. Thankfully I know better, (and was reasonably ok with my Latin) because I grew up and don’t spend time (as far as I’m aware) with people that have such attitudes. Radio 4 had an interesting insight into the term “pleb”. However, perhaps I should be less quick to judge. I can be demanding and rather impatient when things don’t go my way, most obviously displayed by bad banking and bad driving. Holding my tongue is a life lesson that I know I need to work on too, particularly when it comes to reading some of the nonsense in the financial pages. So sincere apologies to anyone at my Bank that caught my ire and those drivers that I accuse of cutting their license off a packet of cereal. mea culpa. As my Latin Master once wrote “must try harder”.
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