2011: In Time – Andrew Niccol

Its has been a very busy few days in the run up to the end of the 2011-12 tax year. Last minute applications for ISAs and Pensions, together with all the associated work ensuring that those to whom it applies, have applied for the new HMRC Fixed Protection safeguarding the £1.8m Lifetime Allowance. For those that are really leaving it to the last 48 hours, we can arrange payments using your debit card or provide relevant details so that you can make an online or CHAPS payment from your own Bank. This requires some work on your part to have the relevant information and on ours – to provide the unique reference number for the associated transaction.
The new tax year begins on Good Friday when we shall be closed to observe Easter. The new ISA allowance for 2012/13 is £11,280 in total, of which up to £5,640 can be within a Cash ISA, the balance can be used for your stocks and shares (investment ISA).
The Lifetime Allowance reduces to £1.5m for pensions not protected by Fixed Protection, Enhanced or Primary Protection.
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