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As a financial planner that update you about financial products, without bias, here is today’s update about the top rates around for cash accounts. Please check the detail, this is a list to aid searching rather than a list of approved Banks, it is not advice (I’m sure that you have figured this out for yourself by now). Have a look at Moneyfacts for more information and detail and please remember the protection offered by way of the FSCS which is capped at £85,000 per person per Banking Licensed Bank. I have blogged about this before so won’t repeat myself here again.
Instant Access
Online: Coventry Building Society 3.15%
Bank: Virgin Money 2.85%
Building Society: Nottingham 3.25%
One Year Deposit
Online: United National Bank 3.30%
Bank: Santander 4.20%
Building Society: Leeds 3.35%
Two Year Deposit
Online: Nottingham 3.85%
Bank: Halifax 3.70%
Building Society: Progressive 3.75%
Cash ISA Variable Rate
Online: Santander: 4.00%
Bank: Barclays 3.05%
Building Society: Newcastle 3.05%
Cash ISA Fixed Rate
Online: NatWest 4.20%
Bank: Halifax 4.50%
Building Society: Yorkshire 5.00%
As anyone possessing an ounce of wisdom will appreciate, these rate are likely (certain!) to alter. The tax year end is rapidly approaching, which for anyone not using their ISA for long-term wealth creation, the Cash ISA element is available. However, if you are a client, do check with me first. Oh and if you haven’t heard of United National Bank (few in the UK have) it is the product of the merger between United Bank and the National Bank of Pakistan.
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