Vicious Viral Email to Business Owners

If you are a business owner you may have received an email that appears to come from Companies House. The email suggests that a complaint has been made about your company. This is bogus. Companies House, whilst making use of webfiling services do not issue emails about complaints, which they, like you, take very seriously. Complaints against companies are always handled in writing when dealing with organisations such as Companies House. So the best advice is to simply delete the email – however be warned that you will get more. It is not clear what the intention is, be it placing trojan software into your computer or something else, perhaps as inane as wasting everyone’s time.Financial Planning for business owners

What if it wasn’t bogus?

Running your own business is a time consuming occupation and one that comes with many stresses, risks and rewards. However malicious the email, it does remind us all that taking the future well-being of your business for granted could be a little naive. Many business owners see their business as their pension, which may be entirely appropriate, but please remember some of the potential pitfalls – such as an inability to sell at the price you want, a radical change in your market, significant competition, timing and misfortune due to accurate (or otherwise) coverage of your business/sector/market in the media. Of course there is that insurance industry phobia – death or serious illness, that will or may prevent you from making decisions about your own business.

Plan your exit or exit your plan?

All of these issues can be addressed, as well as when you wish to finally leave the office. The best time to sell a business is always when you don’t need to. So if you are business owner or partner in a business, then it may be time for some proper planning to ensure your business works for you and not you for it.

Dominic Thomas: Solomons IFA