I will post a few of the key points that are more likely to be of interest to most clients as I digest the contents of the Chancellors Budget. Running at a mere 104 pages, you will appreciate that I have not yet uncovered all the detail. No doubt tonights news will have a fair amount to say, which will  probably merely reinforce views of the Coalition Government. I’m reminded that “we” often look for evidence to support our already formed opinion.
In truth, I have to admit that most Budgets sound fairly sensible – generally having an attempt at trying to grow the economy and improve society. The constant noise playground antics of the House of Commons does little to really leave us feeling that politicians are mature adults, but as individuals, most of us would probably admit that they do seem to be. I will do my best to get beneath the spin, I suspect that, as with most Budgets there is a significant amount of “moving the deckchairs around” let us hope that it is one that actually achieves some of the sentiments outlined – for all our sakes.
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