The year seems to be flying by so quickly. Here are todays best deposit rate deals. Please remember this is guidance and you ought to check the detail properly on moneyfacts or directly with each institution. This is not advice. The rates are all shown on a gross (before tax) basis. Cash ISAs pay no tax. Remember that if you are a non taxpayer you should complete an R85 form from your Bank/Building Society which enables interest to be paid gross rather than being taxed automatically at 20%.

One Year Deposit
Best Online Monmouthshire 3.40%
Best Bank Santander 3.35%

Best Building Society Monmouthshire 3.40%

Two Year Deposit
Best Online Derbyshire 3.95%
Best Bank Santander 3.80%
Best Building Society Derbyshire 3.95%

Instant Access
Best Online Santander 2.50%
Best Bank Santander 2.50%
Best Building Society National Counties 1.26%

Fixed Rate Cash ISA
Best Online Halifax BOS 4.40%
Best Bank Halifax BOS 4.40%
Best Building Society Newcastle 4.40%

Variable Rate Cash ISA
Best Online Santander 3.30%
Best Bank Santander 3.30%
Best Building Society Newcastle 3.00%

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