As ever, this is not advice, but a guide to top rates. Check the detail carefully. Not all Banks are alike (some are actually worse than others!).

One Year Deposit
Online: Barnsley Building Society 3.51%
Bank: Santander 4.15%
Building Society: Yorkshire 6.00%

Two Year Deposit
Online: Barnsley Building Society 3.51%
Bank: Santander 4.15%
Building Society: Yorkshire 6.00%

Instant Access
Online: Coventry 3.10%
Bank: Santander 2.50%
Building Society: Nottingham 3.25%

Fixed Rate Cash ISA
Online: Halifax BOS 4.40%
Bank: Halifax BOS 4.40%
Building Society: Skipton 4.40%

Variable Rate Cash ISA
Online: AA 3.35%
Bank: Santander 4.00%
Building Society: 3.15%

Dominic Thomas
Solomons IFA

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