The worlds favourite coffee shop (Starbucks) has announced plans to reorganise its global operations, at the moment only 20% of its revenue is generated from outside of the US. The plan is to create three new regions, each with its own president to oversee operations. It is interesting to see how a giant coffee company carves up the world into China and Asia Pacific, Americas, EMEA (Europe, UK, Middle East, Russia, Africa). Michelle Gass has been names president of Starbucks EMEA.
It may interest you (it may not) that in Q2 of 2011 there were 10m Starbucks cards activated worth £128.8m. If you are a card user you will appreciate the mechanics of reloading a card. There were 14.3m reloads in Q2 worth $341.1m at an average of $24 per reload. Big numbers from the big coffee house that began life in 1971 as a single outlet in Pike Place Market, Seattle.
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