Our sort of clients?

Words are cheap, time is not. Solomon’s is built around listening to our clients; it is not built to sell financial products. There is no easy way to get to know one another. It takes time. This is costly but deeply valuable.

We only work with people who require proper financial planning. We are not suitable for people who simply want to set up “stuff”. A lot of what we do is rarely seen, which makes it harder for you to appreciate the value of what we do.

 Are we the right fit?

We want clients who intend to have a long-term relationship with us. Because of this, it is important and necessary that we actually like and respect one another. We charge fees, which are based upon our unique approach to your bespoke financial plan, so they differ from person to person, albeit with many similarities. As a result, not everyone can afford our services. We only work for a small number of people where our expertise is of real value. We don’t really have a “typical client” but our clients do share some common concerns.

You may have significant wealth, understand the power of delegation, require the highest levels of client care and want to integrate your values, goals and finance in a way that makes more sense to you. You are someone who has high personal standards, has no time to waste and wants to be valued for who you are, not for what you earn or what you do.

Solomons IFA Net Worth Illumination

Net Worth Illumination

These are generally people under the age of 50, who are likely to be higher rate taxpayers with lots of financial commitments. We focus on clearing debt (including mortgages) as quickly as possible and making sure that appropriate risks to income are understood. These clients tend to be well paid professionals or run their own businesses. READ MORE

Solomons IFA Net Worth Illumination

 Wealth Accumulation

This could be anyone who has not yet achieved financial independence. In our experience these are generally people aged between 50 – 60 and seeking to reach a point where they can choose whether or not to work, we call this financial freedom day. It would be fair to say that for every £1 of income required, £25 of capital is needed. So a £20,000 income would require over £500,000 of assets, so this would probably be a minimum guide in terms of what our clients are aiming to build. READ MORE

Solomons IFA Net Worth Illumination

Wealth Preservation

Once you have reached the point of financial freedom, we work to preserve your spending power and make sure that your money doesn’t run out, so that your financial freedom is maintained for life. It would be true to say that your wealth needs to suit the size of your lifestyle, which for most of our clients is often, but not always, a significant sum. For those without a high level of guaranteed income from pensions, our services are suited to those with £500,000 of assets or more. READ MORE

Arrange a meeting

If you think that we may have a mutual “fit”, let’s meet to find out if we are right for one another.

We have clients from all walks of life: including those working within the performing arts and media, entrepreneurs, business owners, legal professionals and capital markets specialists. We are also advisers to some of the leading medical Consultants in the UK. We also advise those with large personal estates.

We have been with Solomon’s for over ten years; Dominic has been an excellent financial advisor. He is good at making you think about your financial priorities over the coming years, and seems to get the balance of portfolios just right. He is easy to talk to, and has an excellent knowledge of a range of financial products. He has always made us feel comfortable with our decisions, and never pushed us to take on more risk than we were happy with. He is reliable and efficient and I would highly recommend Solomon’s and especially Dominic.
Fiona Middleton & Henry Dowson