2005: Tennis Anyone?  – Logue
Well, he did it. Despite the critics that couldn’t swallow their own medicine, Andy Murray has broken through the British grand slam wall (of 76 years). He did this last night, by beating the defending champion Novak Djokovic in New York. When asked what he thought had taken him “suddenly” to this new higher level, he cited the improvement in his own game and his coach Ivan Lendl. Modern sport is very much a team effort and all those that we saw achieve a podium finish over the summer (and many that didn’t) are helped by a huge team of specialists. The right support can deliver the right results, but of course ultimately the individual will have to perform on the day, putting into practice all that the wider team have worked so hard to instill.
Financial planning could be viewed similarly. The planner and his or her team is providing the coaching, encouragement and sometimes “tough love” (of speaking the truth) but ultimately it is the client, you, that has to go out and earn the income, buy the house, run the business and so on. Its a team effort and I hope that our clients feel that we provide a support team to help them achieve great things too.

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