I am writing to report to our clients that Mark Hall left the firm in December. Many of you may have spoken with Mark who primarily took responsibility for arranging mortgages for our clients. Mark joined the company 10 years ago and has always been a highly valued member of the team. He has been a great friend and colleague.

Mark is forming a new firm Kemia Finance Ltd in Bristol. He will not be an IFA but an independent mortgage broker. He has a passion for mortgages (which I lack). Our separation has been entirely amicable and we shall refer our mortgage work to Mark as he is very gifted in this arena. The new venture will free him to manage time in a way that suits his lifestyle and enable him to attract other mortgage work from other financial advisers. I wish him every success and thank him very deeply for his enthusiasm, faithfulness and support over the last 10 years. We remain very good friends.

If you require assistance with a mortgage – or know someone that does, please call him on 01179 624600 or email him.

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