I’m aware that the my chosen company name is not unique. Several years ago I learned that there was another firm with a very similar name – called Solomon Independent Financial Advisers Ltd, based in Hong Kong. The principal (Connie Leung) and I shared a quick email greeting one another and noted that the similarity in company names may cause confusion at some point, so to be aware of this fact. I don’t have a double, much to the relief of all!
Over the weekend I read that the firm in Hong Kong had been fined $1.5m by the regulator in Hong Kong and that the principal has had her license suspended for 7 months. Just for the record, our firms are not connected in any way – the fine and temporary suspension relate to the firm in Hong Kong. This has nothing to do with me here in the UK, but I can see how this might give rise to a case of mistaken identity, particularly as there are members of staff at the Hong Kong firm that have links to both the UK and the USA.
Whilst we are on the subject – there’s also a firm in Jackson, USA who are also unconnected to either myself or the firm in Hong Kong. I hope that this allays any fears – should you have come across the other company and confused it for Solomon’s IFA here in the UK.
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