How was your first day back a work? Mine was pretty busy, catching up with emails from the Christmas break. I was reminded that many businesses did not survive 2009 and am thankful that we have some great clients and that I enjoy working for them.

We have made lots of improvements to our services for 2010, which I hope you will notice and find beneficial. 2010 looks as though it will have plenty of opportunities for those that have eyes to see. Like any other year, it will be filled with bad news whilst much of the good news remains unreported in most media. An act of will is required to prepare for the New Year and to live deliberately, rather than merely drifting from month to month as one year rolls into the next.

Soon we will be issuing our clients with some documentation to help make 2010 a year for progress. If you are able to return this to us promptly we can then provide you with your 2010 Financial Position Statement – something that will act as a discussion and planning starter and benchmark for the year end.

We are a boutique firm of financial planners. We create financial plans designed to achieve a desired lifestyle. We will craft and implement your plan that will provide you with the greatest chance of accomplishing your unique goals based upon the values that you hold. Financial products are little more than the tools to achieve your required results
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