1981: Chariots of Fire – Hudson
#4.Scaling New Heights
Whether you are a pole vaulter or doing the high dive, gravity is a much needed reality here on earth. The saying what goes up must come down, has nothing to do with investment. Markets rise and fall, but do not fall because they rise. Markets are nothing other than a collection of numbers based upon opinion about how much assets are worth today, tomorrow or perhaps some point further into the future.
#5.A Cool Head
The most successful sports people seem to have focus and a cool head (in their field). It doesn’t matter what your sport or discipline, this is a very common observation. The game or event is won in your mind. Financial planning is something that must begin in your mind as well as your bank account. A shift often needs to be made in relation to budgeting and spending wisely. Those that live as though tomorrow will never come only need to look at the problems of continual denial of reality in many European national financial statements. Sure, not everyone lives to retirement age, but most do. Not having resources when you are not able to earn is no laughing matter. Most people spend more on their mobile phone and internet connection than they invest into their own future.
#6.A Supportive Coach
How many athletes or sports people generally can you think of that do not have a coach? Indeed there is often a large team of people around them, providing a variety of vital support to help improve performance and bring out the best in an athlete. Don’t forget the supportive family at home too. Successful people do not “do it alone”. Success, as is perhaps best revealed in the cycling, is a team activity, each having a role to play. A financial planner is much like a coach, helping to provide clarity, focus, experience and encouragement all with the aim of helping you get the results you seek.
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